Self Storage 12x30


$185.00 /month

Products specifications
Unit Type Self Storage
Location 4819 Case Dr.
Size Large
Price Range $100-$150
  • Unit Features:
    • Barbed wire fenced lot with pin code access
    • 24hour motion sensing cameras
    • 24-hour access
    • Extra wide parking lot for easy accessibility
    • Convenient location
    • No administrative fees
    • Month to month leases
    • Credit card, check or cash accepted (No deposit required when using a credit card)
    • Prepayment discounts of 5% or 10%
    Storage Tips
    • Never store wood or cardboard items directly on the concrete.
    • We have pallets available for use and plastic totes available for purchase
    • Contact your home owner’s or renter’s insurance to extend the coverage for your storage unit. No insurance is provided for any stored items.
    • Never store combustible, flammable, hazardous or toxic materials.
    • Never store any food or perishable items. These may spoil or attract pests
    • If you are renting a large enough unit, create an aisle to leave enough room to access the back of your unit.
    • Store your largest items first and to the back of the unit.
    • Always make sure to put your heaviest boxes or totes at the bottom when stacking to avoid damage.
    • Avoid leaning furniture against the outside walls.
    • When storing metal objects avoid leaning them on items they can damage.
    • Keep the items you will access frequently toward the front of the unit.
    • Maximize your available space by storing your small items inside your larger items such as; wardrobes, drawers, washing machines, and fridges.
    • Stack your boxes so that you can see the labels you’ve put on them.
    • Keep the doors to all appliances open to avoid bad odors from forming.
    • Use moisture absorbers, deodorizers and vermin bait to keep your unit worry free.
    • Always store a mattress in a mattress bag